September 18, 2009

What’s it with Bebo???

Looks like Bebo is the current buzzword. What’s with the name! First it was Alisha whining “Bebo mein Bebo…Dil mera lelo…”. Listen to the song from Kambakth Ishq featuring Kareena Kapoor who is also known as Bebo in the film circuit. No prizes for guessing the composer. It’s a typical Anu Malik composition sung by his friend turned foe turned friend again Alisha Chinai. Both have made peace with each other co-judging Indian Idol Season 3. Imagine Anu Malik sing the song! It would bring a smile to your face however depressed you are. It didn’t!!! What about ‘It’s raining…it’s raining…dekho barish ho rahi hein’! I bet you did now :D

The other ‘Bebo’ track is from ‘Do Knot Disturb’ sung by Neeraj Shridhar and Anushka Manchanda. What is interesting here is if Kambakth Ishq marked Anu Malik’s comeback, with Do Knot Disturb, it is the former kings of melody Nadeem Shravan, the former’s peers making a comeback. Both the composers were hit makers of their time.

All said and done, enough of Bebo, seriously! If any of you are very particular, there are a lot other potential qualifiers. Try Chi Chi, Lolo, Duggu…!


Subash S L said...

You said right. Partly or fully to blame is the media. Look at the way our media apes the west. 7/11 for 9/11, Saifina for Brangelina and now "gate" after "Watergate", added to everything that is scandalous like "Slap-gate" (Harbajan's slapping of Srishanth episode), "Shoe-gate" (the shoe thrower at Bush episode). It is just sick. Our media is suffering from a dearth of creativity. I am sure we'll do much better in their shoes.

manbearpig said...

After 3 whole months you post this ..
All I could read was
garble garble garble garble garble garble garble bebo garble garble garble ...:) just kidding

You are a keen observer to have noticed this.The way hindi music works is ..if its got a good beat then its a hit.People dont care if the lyrics go I have a hammer and i'll break your head....people will still like that if is got a good beat!

Its not just the media but our country is full of people who just follow what others are doing like sheep.
Remember there was a long line of movies with names starting with K and people with xtra Ks in their names and what not....

Its good to hear from you after sooo long
What have you been you to past few months ?

Minu said...

Well, not that I took notice now...I could have handled one Bebo, not the second one...I'm tired of listening to them in radio...btw who is the manbearpig that I know??? :)

Suomynona said...

How about a detailed account of your trip to Kashmir for your next post?

Minu said...

Oh yeah why not! :)