September 29, 2009

Is this what you call time travel?

Take a look at the manufacturing date and you will know what I am talking about. You don’t come across such things everyday, do you? Time travelling to future! Not a bad idea at all. Just pack your bags and go to Erode! ;)



Back to the future said...

Do not touch it you could change the present and take us to an alternate plane in the time domain
Its the same pack that went missing during my time travel.
I had programmed the time machine to take me to a Mysore Race Club in the future,I could have been a millionaire ,instead i landed in selvaraj dairy farm where I was mauled by a bunch of cows.I escaped from there by throwing these packet at their faces.

Minu said...

Wow! Who's this creative soul? I'm sure you did something to the cows.

Your story actually reminded me of Bingo's (the cow herding dog and Dogbert's arch nemesis) cow army's suicidal attack on Dogbert. I can't find the url now.

Your next destination might be Suguna poultry farm in Coimbatore but my next action item is to disable the anonymous comment setting in my blog. Bingo!

Subash S L said...

The reason why good Technical Writers exist.
Some comments!

Sajeev said...

Come on its fun posting anonymous
now i have to login

Minu said...

I thought as much :)

Minu said...


Patroz Palal said...


As I said - its an interesting episode .... Funny and Bemusive

Hey As i said I did cut a Mini Story out of it ... Check the link