October 5, 2009

A sunny day finally!

It’s finally a bright sunny Sunday. The incessant rains had the whole of last week dull and damp. I fell ill too. A bad cold, fever and cough. Could it be the dreadful H1N1? My worst fears didn’t come true. :P  I'm all right now ready to kick start the week. The weekend was not so eventful but then it wasn’t totally a drab too. Watched 'Wake up Sid’ on the big screen. The movie lived up to my expectations. Read more about it here. The long due meeting with Rishabh finally happened. I will cherish the hot rasam and rice I had at his home. It was just the thing I needed then. The bad cold mysteriously vanished after the meal. Nipper, the dog didn’t bark at me even once. I almost mistook him for a well made soft toy. I loved Nipper and apparently he too took an instant liking for me. Rishabh’s comment on him being a very class conscious dog did give me an ego boost. I’m waiting for the day Nipper brings his offsprings into this world. Rishabh! are you reading? :)

It’s a hectic week coming up. I’m on holiday from Friday for an entire week. A wedding in Ludhiana and later some time with my in-laws in Dehradun. I’m looking forward for that simple pleasure in a bowl of chicken soup from K C soup bar. I hope the weather is cold in Dehradun because I didn’t enjoy the soup last summer as much as I did in the winter.

I have this funny habit of cleaning up my PC just before a vacation. In the process, I discovered this video. I don’t remember watching it before. It is a Greek short film ‘What is that?’ (with English subtitles), simple and thoughtfully made.

I’m sure almost everyone can relate to it. I have a grandmother whose memory is giving up on her. She fails to recognize people and has no grasp of time. Most often she confuses the past with the present and tells things over and over till she drives my mother crazy. But I have all the patience in the world for her for once she was the loving, doting grand mom who was always on her toes while I chased the butterflies.


Subash S L said...

While you Bengalurians pray for a Sunny day we Chennaites are praying it rains. The heat is oppresive at nights. Wonder when the NE monsoon will strike.

Sajeev said...

Wake up Sid? what a load of crap,you must have been watching some shitty movies lately to actually have expected something from this.I read painfully through a para of that review and thought to myself what gaytard would actually produce such crap.

The only good 'Hindi' movie released this year has to be 99

Last June i spent a 15 days with grandma.Unfortunately she doesn't remember me.I her memory I exist as a kid.Every day she would see me in the living room , watching crap thats on alathur cable,and she would go to the kitchen and tell whoever is in there to prepare tea for the visitor in the hall!
Although I am not very sensitive
watching myself vanish from her memory was kinda sad.

S a j e e V said...

the sparrow film was really good!

Sajeev said...

hey u r back!
how was Diwali?
how about a diwali post,you didnt post about your jammu trip :(

Sajeev said...

In a beta world I was expecting lot more frequent posts.
This is more like your alpha world operating at less than 7 cycles per second! :D

Minu said...

Your comments are well received by my brain now operating in delta ;)

കുളത്തില്‍ കല്ലിട്ട ഒരു കുരുത്തം കെട്ടവന്‍! said...

" Could it be the dreadful H1N1? My worst fears didn’t come true. :P "

Hope u ddnt sneezed again ! else OMG !